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Mirs. Dash product shot for Front of House page Portion Control Packets

For more than 30 years, Mrs. Dash portion control packaging has made it simple to satisfy cravings and consciences. They are available through any foodservice distributor. Use the codes below to make it even simpler to order or contact your favorite local distributor.

Let your patrons easily customize the level of flavor they want while staying healthy with the brand trusted for salt- and fat-free seasoning.


Ordering Info:

ProductProduct CodePack SizeDot CodeSysco UPCUSF ASYS CodeGFS SYS CodeMartin Brothers
Original Blend J088-40900
1/500 PC
1/3000 PC
Table Blend J090-40900 1/500 PC 514885 8074162 8870750 833530 572868
Garlic & Herb J093-40900 1/500 PC 575815   7720063    
Extra Spicy J092-40900 1/500 PC 575812   772503    
Low Peper/No Garlic J089-40900 1/500 PC 514880 8087872 9774936    

Also for your convenience, Mrs. Dash Original Blend Packets are available for purchase online through Med-Diet.


Mrs. Dash® For Your Tabletops

Take advantage of the Mrs. Dash brand for your tabletops. These small packages make a big statement. What does serving Mrs. Dash say about you?


You're On Top of the Latest Trends

– You offer health-conscious, well-balanced menu items, which includes reducing sodium while still providing great taste.


You've Listened To Your Customers' Needs

– You offer the salt alternative that is in more households than any other competitor and is the most requested by operators and patrons.


You're Committed To Quality

– You offer the #1 brand of salt-free seasoning that has all natural ingredients(contains no preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, or fillers).


You've Got Good Taste

– Forget flavorless foods that were once the typical healthful, low sodium alternatives because you now offer Mrs. Dash. The bright yellow, high-impact packaging features the Mrs. Dash brand, which has 89% consumer awareness and has a more favorable image over other brands of salt free seasoning.